Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons
or lead out the Bear with its cubs?
Do you know the laws of the heavens?
Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?

(Job 38:32-33)
My day was filled with the miracles of God's amazing creatures.  I was humbled to be able to observe three baby robins, mouths wide open, waiting for mama robin to bring dinner.  I also met a lost snapping turtle that will be returned to the river tonight.  He was crossing the road and as slow as he was creeping along, his chances of reaching the other side were slim.  Some people would look at a leathery, craggled turtle as not-so-pretty, but I just see the amazing, perfect creature that God created. 
God's creativity, especially when it comes to nature, is astounding!  He gave each of us a purpose, from the birds to the turtles and everything in between.  All we have to do is open our eyes to see the creatures of the world, each one of them unique and miraculous! 

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